Farm master plan

It is a rare and exciting opportunity for a school community to design its future school, and even more unique is the inclusion of a picturesque farm.  The design and planning of Farm School started in Feburary 2015 and came together into a master plan in August 2016. Nineteen months of meetings, research and observation were pulled together using a permaculture approach.  Here are some key features.

20% of the farm will be set aside for nature restoration as a mixture of native trees, wetlands and lake.

About 6.5 ha are to be developed for productive farming.

A woodlot will be planted for firewood as a carbon neutral source of heating fuel.

A new pond will be created for stormwater management and habitat.

Locations have been determined for roads, walking tracks, outdoor classrooms, buildings, orchard, gardens, sports field, wastewater and car parking.  See plan here.