Organisation structure

Children’s artwork


In 1984 a group of Motueka families formed the Motueka Rudolf Steiner School Trust.  The Trust is the legal owner of the Motueka Rudolf Steiner School, kindergarten, playgroups and farm.

Trust Board

The Trust Deed established a Trust Board to represent the wishes of the school community.  The Trust Board is responsible for governance and resourcing. Trustees are elected annually from the school community.
The Trust Board has several subcommittees to look after such areas as school development, teacher support (the Parent Group), farm management, and finances.
Each year we have 4 community meetings and all parents are urged to attend:

  1. AGM (Founders Meeting) at the beginning of term 1, which deals with formalities under the Trust Deed such as the election of trustees, the appointment of a treasurer, appointment of an auditor, annual accounts and various school reports.
  2. A Community Meeting each term where the Trustees, College, parents and community come together to discuss current topics affecting the School, and to track fundraising.  The first community meeting of the year is also the AGM, the last community meeting budgeting and planning for the following year.


Children’s artwork

College of Teachers

Management of the school is by the ‘College of Teachers’, rather than a principal. This group is responsible for the curriculum, teaching methods and all things pertaining to the Playgroups, Kindergarten and Lower School, and their staff and pupils.