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Anthroposophical Music Therapy

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My name is Patsy Cooper, I have completed a four year training through the Dorion School of Music Therapy in Pennsylvania, U.S.A. I have a Diploma in Anthroposophical Music Therapy. My training was a little different to traditional music therapy. Traditional folk and orchestral instruments are used as well as new instruments arising out of Anthroposophy. The new instruments strive for tone qualities that surround the person. These were developed through musical indications given by Rudolf Steiner.

The main instrument used is the lyre, a new type of stringed instrument, similar to the harp, but played on the lap. It has a gentler, softer tone than the harp and its tones have a warm enclosing nature. This is especially good in bringing balance and relaxation. There are different types of lyres, some of which can be used by the child or adult being worked with.
Other instruments are the Gemshorn, a wind instrument made from a cow’s horn, which is closer to the human voice.
I also use a chrotta. This is a cello-like instrument but has a different bowing movement.
It particularly helps illnesses or conditions of the rhythmic system (the heart and lungs). The bowing of this (both by the therapist or person worked with) can be very therapeutic.
Live music only is used in these treatments.

For children

Through the use of instruments, rhythm, song and movement, music can help to connect with the inner musical child and also strengthen their life forces.
Sessions are interactive and engage the child as much as possible although there is always a balance of doing and listening. Music can help ground children bringing them more into their bodies. It can enhance poor listening skills or help with rhythm or pitch problems. Also relax or stimulate, whatever is most needed. It can create a secure space for oversensitive or anxious children and help give them an extra skin (as it were).
Sessions can be helpful for children with most learning difficulties whether physical, social or emotional e.g. dyspraxia, ADHD, any form of autism, stress, effects of trauma and depression.

For adults

This has a strengthening, balancing effect. Also for relaxing.
Good for stress, anxiety, depression. Can also be tailored for specific medical conditions, including dementia.

Individual sessions are the most effective, especially for children.
Improvisation can be used for adult group sessions.

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Steiner Nurse

Warm Hands, Warm Heart is a nursing service offered by Adrienne Henry.

1-Adrienne Henry

Adrienne Henry

My name is Adrienne Henry, I am a founding parent of the Motueka Rudolf Steiner School. Three of my children attended the kindergarten and two had the opportunity to attend the lower school.  When the opportunity for Steiner Nursing training at Taruna College came up I took it.  To be eligible to attend one needs to be a NZ trained nurse first as the Anthroposophic nursing training is complementary to being a registered nurse.  With a background in biodynamic farming for many years, finally I found a real calling as nursing has always been a passion for me.  In 2004 I received a Graduate Diploma in Anthroposophic nursing after 3 years of in-depth study.

1-patient receiving chamomile abdominal compress

Patient receiving chamomile abdominal compress


The insights I have gained into why we become unwell and how to support the illness process are huge. Normal nursing deals with the nuts and bolts of sickness and centres largely on suppressive medication.  Anthroposophic nursing looks at the biography of the patient and often I find myself not focusing on the symptoms being presented but on a much larger picture of how the illness manifests as it does in a particular persons destiny.

1-patient receiving oil dispersion bath

Patient receiving oil dispersion bath



The nursing therapies are designed to enhance the body’s ability to function in a correct manner, for example, a liver compress helps the liver restore its functions, a ginger kidney compress supports osteoarthritis with its deep warming capacity, a body oiling with rose oil supports a fearful person, an oil dispersion bath with arnica oil and brushing supports stroke.  Supporting childhood illness at home is a passion of mine.  We need to be very careful around the fever process for example, as the body requires the challenge of the temperature rise to support the immune system to become active.  Teaching parents the way to look after their children’s health and to understand illness as a part of the inner development of the child is very rewarding for me as parents become confident and able to support their children when unwell.

Contact Adrienne at  Telephone 021 02796408.  Clinic at 155 High Street, Motueka.