Visiting Architect explains Consensus Design

We had the pleasure of hosting Matthew ter Borg for three days last week.  Matthew is a Wellington based Architect who specialises in Consensus Design.  Consensus Design is a process developed by UK based architect Christopher Day, to help groups with architectural design.  Christopher gave a presentation at our school three years ago.

On Thursday Matthew looked at the land the school wants to purchase at Atamai Village.  He then gave a presentation to the school community, with case studies from his work with other Steiner Schools.  On Friday he attended a school assembly, then visited the Atamai Village site together with civil engineer Richard Walker.  Matthew demonstrated his open and generous nature by being a storyteller on Friday night at the True Stories Told Live event.  Saturday afternoon saw Matthew in a meeting with the New Campus Group where the Atamai site was discussed in more detail.  Several residents of Atamai Village then gave us a guided tour of the developing village and helped us understand how the school could fit into the village.  It was wonderful having Matthew bring his wider perspective to our community and to our project.  We look forward to working with him when the design process starts.


Matthew and Peter Matthew and James

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