New Campus Group half year report.

Dear School Community and Trustees

The New Campus Group has been like a duck swimming these last 6 months, all calm on the surface but busy legs underneath. It is a duck with a purpose, and that is to secure the new home space for our community and our school. Our previous report was presented to the AGM in March 2014.

A series of community meetings were held last March to get feedback on the Atamai Village proposal. The feedback was mostly positive so Trustees decided to do due diligence on the purchase and resource consent. This work has occupied the NCG since then. We have received legal opinions on the proposed title and its right to access Mytton Heights, we have received a traffic engineer’s report on the impacts of our traffic, we have engaged a civil engineer to advise us on the suitability and usability of the site, we have worked with Atamai Land Trust to document the terms and conditions, and we observed the Atamai stage 3 resource consent process. We are now preparing to present our proposal to TDC in a pre-application meeting. Assuming we receive a positive response from TDC staff we can start our resource consent application. Consultation with neighbours has started, with Atamai Village residents taking the New Campus Group for a guided tour.

Wellington Architect Matthew ter Borg spent three days with us looking at the proposed sites and advising us on the consensus design process.

At the request of Trustees we have also put some time into having a viable plan B option in case the Atamai Village option becomes too difficult or expensive. We have identified a suitable site with a willing seller. The next step here is to determine terms and conditions of the deal, then engage consultants to advise on development issues and resource consent issues. We have not yet decided to spend money on consultants for Plan B.

The New Campus Group has split out a separate Fundraising Group. We believe a small group of people solely focused on fundraising, and providing the right leadership, is necessary. A fundraising plan has been formalised. The group are now producing a prospectus which will be used to help potential donors understand our project.

The NCG continues to meet monthly with attendance ranging from 3- 9. Minutes are recorded from monthly meetings and emailed to NCG members, Trustees and the school office.
Peter Garlick for the NCG
30 August 2014

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