Shakespeare and the Mystery of the Human Being

The Chanel Arts Centre will see the talents of NZ born – writer, speech performer, actor, speech therapist and voice teacher, Michael Burton in a one man performance celebrating the characters of William Shakespeare. Although now based in Sydney, Michael has worked with artistic speech and drama in various ways for over 35 years nationally and internationally. He has written and performed one-man-plays about Rembrandt, Beethoven, Dag Hammarskjold and World War II kiwi soldier, Jim Henderson.
Shakespeare and the Mystery of the Human Being revolves around the dilemma spoken aloud by Hamlet when he says: “TO BE OR NOT TO BE?”
Guided by the actor, we step into the shoes of a great number of different characters – some only for a few seconds; some (such as Hamlet) for much longer. We have a close encounter with a half dozen evil characters, recognizing as we do so that we cannot ourselves be certain that we will not fall for evil when it comes towards us. We laugh at Shakespeare’s clowns, but see ourselves while we laugh. And with Hamlet we go upon a quest for meaning – for what it is to be a human being, for what it means to become whole and free.
Michael Burton considers that the big themes of Shakespeare as relevant now as they were in his time. “But Shakespeare is a Master – he doesn’t preach at us or tell us how to be, because, of course, no one can do that but ourselves. Instead, he gives us examples of people who are authentic and examples of people who are fake. And, out of the whole cosmos of his characters, we are given something to work with in our own life.”

Shakespeare and the Mystery of the Human Being.
Chanel Arts Centre
Wednesday May 27th, 7pm
$15.00 waged, $10.00 unwaged, Under 15 years free.

Tickets available on the door.
For more information contact [email protected] OR The Motueka Rudolph Steiner School 03 528 0246

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