Whakanoa te Whenua (blessing the land)

It was a significant, beautiful and historic day for the school community.  Sunday, May 10th started with a dawn blessing of the new school farm.  The dawn ceremony was lead by Kaumatua Tom Matthews who lifted tapu and cleared the energies so our new endeavour could flourish.  Karakia were recited and a Mauri stone buried in a special place that had views of the mountains and the sea.  The dawn ceremony finished with the sharing of food.

The community gathered again at 1pm for another ceremony to bless our land and endeavors.  Students and teachers performed kapa haka to welcome everyone.  The group then walked in silence up to the school site where a large stone had been placed.  We acknowledged the many strands of our Anthroposophical initiative.  Students sang Ko te Wai Pounamu, Dieter Proebst represented our biodynamic ambitions, Tanja Golsner offered a basket of seeds collected from all families. The seeds represented the children that we all nurture and cherish.  James Alker offered a hammer from the New Campus Group, to represent their role to do and build.  Lokita Rigney offered a Celtic prayer from the College of Teachers.  Ellen Appleton offered a tree from the Trustees to represent the deep roots we are putting into the earth.  Anne Perry spoke a verse to acknowledge the Anthroposophical basis to our endeavour.

The group then split into four and each group took a stone to bury in each corner of the farm.  Much effort had gone into sourcing special stones and their properties determined which direction or corner they should be placed.

We gathered again to plant trees for George and Gwen Bunn.  We thanked them for trusting us with the land they so loved.  The trees can be seen from their house on the hill.

The ceremony finished with afternoon tea under the oak trees.

See photos here

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