Kindergarten Easter Festival 24th March 2016

EASTER came to us earlier this year, being determined by the Sunday closest to the equinox full moon.

Easter was originally a Spring Festival in pre-Christian Europe, celebrating growth, procreation and new life. When the impulse of Christianity was added two thousand years ago, a renewal of earthly existence took place. It can be understood from Anthroposophy*, that when the Christ died, new spiritual forces were given to the earth, which has given humanity the evolutionary boost needed. This need may be more obvious in the chaos of the present times, where Western materialism is threatening more and more to cut us off from our spiritual existence.

*Anthroposophy means: “Anthro” – Study of human development guided by “Sophia” – Greek Goddess of wisdom.

Egg Hunt 2016

Young children still have a more direct relationship with the spiritual worlds and their mysteries, and it is through our story-telling, that they can feel recognized and understood in regard to this.

Rudolf Steiner advised us to look to nature where all the secrets of the spiritual world are laid before us, in the form of pictures, should we care to learn it.

In our Kindergarten this Easter we painted eggs and had an Easter basket hunt. We told the story of the transformation of the caterpillar into a beautiful Monarch butterfly, and we watch our caterpillars grow bigger and bigger every day, as they gorge themselves on the swan plant leaves.

This story can be seen as a living picture of the metamorphosis of the body, soul and spirit towards freedom.

The little caterpillar wants to do nothing but devour the world, but with a little help from an angel from the spiritual world, he spins a chrysalis of light, dies an apparent death, but later emerges into a transformed butterfly who flies freely up into the blue sky.

Round and round and in and out
When you are fed
Come spin your bed
As a caterpillar die
Waken! As a butterfly.

On Thursday the children came out of the kindergartens, ever so quietly, is the Easter hare still there! No, but look at what he has left for us!!!!!!!
Each child’s eyes glistened with surprise as nestled in the gardens there was an Easter basket for them filled with Easter treats.

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