Kindergarten Lantern Festival 13th May 2016

The Rudolf Steiner Kindergarten community enjoyed a magical lantern festival on Friday night, even though the cloudy skies opened and tears fell in lament of the giant pumpkin recently taken out of the garden by someone unknown.

Luckily our surrounding community gifted to us, three big golden pumpkins, just like we told in our children’s story.

Pumpkin Lantern Pumpkin Lantern
You are such a funny sight
Looking out of the window
In the darkness of night
You were once a golden pumpkin
Growing bigger in the sun
Now you are a Pumpkin Lantern
And the Autumn has come


The down pour stopped as if on cue and the children were able to go outside in the darkness of night and see for themselves the magical grottos that had appeared.

What a wonderful sight to see the forces of nature fade and those within the human soul light up.

Thank you to Sally of Mapua for helping to keep our children very happy and enthused.


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