Marae Visit

The school and kindergarten combined for a visit to Te Awhina Marae in June. The visit was part of our Matariki celebrations, which follow through to Maori language week. We were a big group with all the children and strong support from Parents. Some of the kindergarten children obviously enjoyed being together with their older school aged siblings.

We were welcomed onto the Marae then into the Wharenui (meeting house). Following the Kawa (protocol) for Te Awhina Marae the hosts spoke first, then our speakers replied, and the hosts had the last say. These speeches were followed by waiata kanaki (embellishment songs of support) from both host and guests. The whanau class from Parklands School supported the marae and performed songs. The formal welcome in the meeting house was concluded with hongi (press noses) between the adults.

The sacred aspect of the ceremony was bought to a conclusion through the sharing of food and drink, which is referred to as kai Whakanoa (food that brings normality). Following the poroporoaki (farewell ceremony) the kindergarten children returned to Wallace Street by bus. It was powerful and memorable day for our school community, and offer our sincere thanks to our hosts at Te Awhina Marae, and to the whanau class at Parklands School.

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