Koanga Institute workshops

Permaculture pioneers offer workshops in Motueka.

Kay Baxter has an international reputation for saving heritage food plants. Kay and Bob Corker founded the Koanga Institute 15 years ago to support this work and expand into other areas of permaculture. Their work now includes research into all aspects of regenerative living and sharing that experience and knowledge.

They will offer five workshops over the weekend of 8th-9th July. Also on the itinerary is a free introduction evening on Thursday 6th July and Kay will be a storyteller at True Stories Told Live on Friday 7th. The workshops are part of the Festival of Nourishment that runs for week at the Rudolf Steiner School from 2nd-9th July.

The following workshops will be held at Riverside Community Centre.
• How to Grow Nutrient Dense Food;
• Eco Village Design;
• Design for Small Holdings (small Farm design);
• Garden planning with the Koanga Garden planner;
• Biointensive Gardening.

More information and registration.

See the full program for the Festival of Nourishment


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