Ancient scripts and Abraham’s Grove


The Class 3 curriculum covers the ancient Hebrew culture which moves into later cultures during the following years. Class 2 & 3 teacher Erika Vink has taken a creative approach to form drawing main lesson by practicing the ancient scripts of the nomadic Hebrew people. The Sinaitic pictographs are an early form of writing and they reveal the thinking and values of the ancient Hebrew people. Many of the words and concepts became the sounds and letters of our modern alphabet. Hebrew words are spelt using consonant sounds or syllables, and are written from right to left.

This was the time of the great patriarchal tribes and their clans, living a spiritually guided, often nomadic, life. The three Abrahamic spiritual outlooks of Judaism, Islam & Christianity arose from these people and share core beliefs.

Abraham, considered ‘the father of many’, loved planting trees and did so on all his nomadic searches for new grazing and waterholes. He felt trees represented the connection and conduit between the spiritual worlds above and Earth below. He noted their posture of uprightness and reverence, while being firmly rooted in earthly reality. He also appreciated the ecological and life giving importance of trees. Today we still need to follow Abraham’s example and restore nature by planting trees.

Erika saw the opportunity for some hands-on learning and the class set about planning to plant ‘Abraham’s Grove’ on the farm. They chose kanuka trees to plant in a circle to become a place of quiet contemplation and connection with nature. The location is very close to the proposed new school campus. The students and their parents will have a special connection to these trees for many years to come.

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