Run to build a new school

We are a Swiss family who decided to spend a year in Motueka (our blog: Enea (12 years old) and Matilde (9 years old) attend the Motueka Steiner School, Marzia takes care of the house and the family – she is also involved with a less waste project – and I (Luca) work as a journalist and translator for Switzerland. From the very first day, we immediately felt part of the school community that welcomed us with a warm embrace.

Last May the school community meeting was held at the local Marae and the main presentation was about the plans to build a new farm-based school. Parents were wanting a school that nurtured children to become citizens of an inclusive, tolerant society, governed by love and trust in others.

Sitting with the school community in the Marae, a place full of mystery and charm for me, a Swiss who grew up between two crowns of mountains, I wondered how I can contribute to this vision. And the idea came to me there, among the carved wooden figures of the Marae. I would use the Christchurch marathon to raise funds. The run as in June and I was planning to participate.

I contacted friends and family, inviting them to accompany me symbolically during the race. They could support me, and the school, from the first to the last kilometre. One franc for the first kilometre, two for the second, three for the third… , and 42 francs for the last kilometre. In just over four weeks I had pledges of 4,200 Swiss francs.

The run went well and I made it to the finish line. The donations came in and converted to NZ$ 6,500 which has been donated to the new campus project. A very generous supporter of the school is matching donations dollar for dollar so the project receives NZ$ 13,000 dollars from my efforts.

Sometimes it doesn’t take much to reach unthinkable goals: an idea, a bit of enthusiasm and many friends who believe in your project. You can do it too: support the Motueka Steiner School!

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