$1.5 million to build first 6 classrooms.

After years of small steps and steady progress, we are now taking the giant step to start building the new farm campus.  The new access road was completed earlier this year so now our focus is on the buildings we need to relocate the school.  Stage one of the building development will be six classrooms and the necessary infrastructure so we can relocate.  This is the biggest step in the journey and requires an extraordinary effort from many.  Architects are currently working on the campus master plan and classroom design.  Our target is to obtain building consents by the end of 2019 and have all of 2020 available for construction.

This is a community project driven by parents, teachers and supporters.  It started as a community vision, the community has been fundraising, and much of the skill and labour required will come from the school community.  We have chosen builders, project managers and architects from the school community.  They all have a deep commitment to Steiner education and their passion comes through in the work being done.  Rather than take our design out to tender in the open market we are working with a committed team from the beginning.  This approach reduces financial risk to the businesses involved so risk margins are not added to the price.

The 6 classroom stage has been costed at $1.5 M.  The aim is to raise this as gift money so the school can minimise debt and keep fees low.  Most of the $1.5 M target must be raised before building construction can start.

Our fundraising efforts received an early major boost when a supporter offered $500,000 in donations on a one-to-one basis.  They will match every dollar donated, one-for-one, for the first $500,000 of donations.  The first $500,000 in donations will be matched with another $500,000 and we then have $1M toward our target of $1.5M

The fundraising total is updated each week in the school newsletter.  At 2 August 2019 the total of donations, pledges and top-up were $229,000.

This will be the biggest single step in the project but also the most significant. This is the step where we move from High Street to the farm.  From a rented building to purpose-made classrooms and a permanent home.  From town to a 13 Ha farm with so much to offer students.

We must take this big step together, and this requires the biggest and most generous gifts everyone can afford.  Now is the time to help make something truly great happen.  Donate now.