$2.2 million to build stage-one


Last year the world celebrated 100 years of Steiner education and we celebrated the start to building a unique new school campus.  We are building a permanent home for nature-based Steiner education in the Tasman District.  The access road onto the farm was completed earlier last year so now our focus is on the infrastructure and buildings.  Stage one of the building development will include six classrooms.  This stage has a budget of $2.2M and requires an extraordinary effort from the school community.  Architects have completed the designs and obtained building consents.  Earthworks for the building platforms is completed and construction has started.

This is a community project driven by parents, teachers and supporters.  It started as a shared vision and community fundraising.  Much of the skill and labour required comes from the school community.  Our builders, project managers and architects come from the school community.  They all have a deep commitment to Steiner education and their passion comes through in the work being done.  Rather than take our design out to tender in the open market we are working with a committed team from the beginning.  This approach reduces financial risk to the businesses involved so the price is not loaded with risk margins.

Master plan showing first 6 classrooms.

The construction budget of $2.2 M will be funded from fundraising, donations, community investors and bank loan.  The aim is to maximise fundraising and donations and minimise loans.  Minimising loans helps keep school fees affordable. 

The target opening date for the new school is term one in 2021.  We will be moving from the current rented building, which is now too small, to a purpose-built school on a 13.6Ha farm.

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