About Us

About Us

We are a community organisation with a focus on Steiner Education. 

We foster people, projects and social enterprises that embrace a positive vision of the future. We look to Anthroposophy, as a world conception, with its description of the universe and the Human being, to guide our endeavours. Our current projects and enterprises include the Motueka Steiner Farm School, Playgroup, Kindergartens, farming and community living.

We  deliver holistic education that focuses on child development, engages the whole family, connects children to nature and fosters personal uniqueness. We value creativity over conformity, imagination over predictability, and critical thinking over standardised testing. These goals and values are at the heart of Steiner Education and our work on the farm. We are developing a biodynamic farm as a learning environment, a source of organic food, a place for nature, and an example of restorative agriculture.  The farm is a fantastic teaching resource forl children and their families, and strengthens the connection between farming, people, food and the natural world.

The farm is a classroom

The farm offers many land-based outdoor classroom opportunities for students.  Practical hands-on activities are being developed that are age appropriate and give rise to diverse learning opportunities.  Outdoor classroom activities include; gardening, compost making, beekeeping, tool making, woodwork, working with wool, cooking, clay and wax modelling, building, managing fruit trees, working with fire, metal work and weaving.

Dr Rudolf Steiner (1961-25) was an Austrian philosopher and social reformer who developed Steiner education in 1919 and biodynamic farming in 1924. His ideas and methods have been further developed, tested and proven for almost 100 years.  Awareness and understanding of holistic education and sustainable agriculture have grown in that time and we are growing to meet the increasing demand.

Our kindergarten opened in 1984, and the primary school opened in 2002.  The kindergarten is mostly state funded but the school is independent and self funded.  School tuition fees are intentionally low to enable local families to attend.  The extra money needed is raised by donations and fundraising.  The whole school community take the responsibility to raise the funds and resources needed so all can attend.

Learning through doing

The school community are in the process of relocating the school onto the farm.  The new farm campus is designed and built to reflect our values.   The aim is to have beautiful, eco-friendly buildings that inspire learning and demonstrate respect for the environment.  Where possible they are hand crafted from natural materials such as timber, clay and straw.  Some key aspects are the use of natural on-site materials, placing 20% of the farm into nature reserve, restoring the soils to capture carbon and increase fertility, increasing biodiversity, generating electric power on-site, treating and using wastewater on-site, and avoiding toxic products and materials.  We are creating a permanent home for Steiner education and biodynamic farming in the Nelson-Tasman region, a home to be proud of.

The school is co-educational and non-denominational.  We follow and engage with the latest research in child development and learning.  We are open to all families who are willing to engage with our curriculum and methods. Click here to learn more about Steiner Education.

Motueka Steiner School does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, sex or national origin in its admission policies or in the conduct of educational, recreational, athletic or scholarship programs.  See Equity Statement.

Community gathering on the farm

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