Trustees and Staff

Ellen Appleton.
Chairperson.        [email protected]

In 2004 we moved from Germany to this most beautiful area, my children started in the Kindergarten and School immediately. For the next 9 years I was a passionate Midnight Elf and active community supporter. The school and it’s philosophy has nurtured and guided me through parenthood. When my children moved on to High School I wanted to give back. I found fulfillment and purpose through joining the board of trustees, eventually taking on the role of chair person. This journey has been a rewarding yet challenging time of learning and inspiration, I am ever grateful for the fantastic team I am a part of.



Lis McCracken.    [email protected]

James Alker.   [email protected]

Lokita Rigney.    [email protected]

Claudia Manderson.   [email protected]

Tracy Botica.   [email protected]


Peter Garlick.
 Development Manager.                           [email protected]

Joined the school community in 2007 when my daughter enrolled in class 2.  Joined the Building and Development Group soon after then became a Trustee and served two years as Chairman.  In 2012 I was appointed to the position of Development Manager following a community decision to re-develop the school on a new site.  My previous careers have been Geologist, conservation officer, adventure guide, business owner, sales and marketing manager, house father.