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Radio Interview

Our project to build a new campus is gaining public profile.  The local radio station invited Peter for an interview about the school and our plans. Listen to the audio here.

Autumn Fair- 2014

Our second Autumn Fair was a wonderful day and exceeded our expectations.  The weather was perfect, more like summer than autumn. We estimate almost 1000 people attended through the day, which was twice our expectation.  Click here to see all photos.  

Steiner Students awarded at Motueka High School

Graduates from Motueka Rudolf Steiner School took their place at the Motueka High School prize-giving ceremony at the end of 2013.   This was followed by some outstanding NCEA level 1 results. Several features of Steiner education are often questioned, or criticised, by mainstream educators, in particular the intentional delay in introducing the more intellectual… Read more »

Visit to Atamai Village

A group of 40 adults plus children took a close look at Atamai Village last Saturday.  Trustees of the development company gave a presentation on the village development, and the values behind it.  They also talked about the site they are offering to create and sell to the school.  The proposed site is a north… Read more »

New Campus Group report to AGM

New Campus Group,  Annual Report to AGM, March 2014 Dear School Community and Trustees The NCG has made pleasing progress in both fundraising and land search.  The group continues to meet monthly with attendance ranging from 3- 9. Minutes are recorded from monthly meetings and emailed to NCG members, Trustees and the school office. Since… Read more »

School loses forest

The local newspaper opened the story with these words.  “Motueka’s Steiner School has lost its mini forest but gained a greater sense of urgency for its new campus fundraising”.  The broad row of tall trees were a feature of the school playground, but they were not on school land.  They were removed during the summer… Read more »

$90,000 boost to new campus

The new campus project received a $90,000 donation in January.  This is a huge financial boost to the project, and a huge boost to our confidence.  The donor wishes to remain anonymous.  I’m sure I speak on behalf of the Motueka Steiner community when I say we are extremely grateful for this very generous donation.  Thank… Read more »

How we deliver on our mission statement.

The way in which we teach, encourage and manage our longstanding goal of kindness between all people at school is essential about who we are or are becoming at school. I believe that to be in an environment that is kind and respectful, inclusive and democratic, that listens and helps others, will go a long way to developing… Read more »

Mission Statement approved

Rudolf Steiner holding book

During 2013 the school trustees, some staff and other supporters held a long running discussion about why they were committed to the Motueka Rudolf Steiner School.  The aim was to better understand ourselves personally and as a community, to get clarity about  our uniqueness, and to ensure it was reflected in our mission statement.  A… Read more »

Stories in the Park

The inaugural ‘Stories in the Park’ got off to a good start on 20 December.   Games and food were available from 5 pm with P’zazz adding music a little later.  Their contribution to the ambiance was considerable, and some people even felt compelled to swing along to the groovy jazz.  Jochen’s soulful touch on… Read more »