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2013, a year worth celebrating

From the Trustees We want you to reflect for a moment on the year that is nearly over.  If you’re exhausted, no wonder; look at what we have accomplished!  It’s quite remarkable really.  The commitment of the teachers, parent body and wider community is inspiring.  The Trustees want to acknowledge and thank you all for… Read more »

New Campus Project – Progress report

December 2013 It is now more than two and a half years since a school community meeting made the decision to find a new permanent home for the Lower School. The New Campus Group (NCG) was formed at that meeting. The project appeared daunting then and still does now. How does a small school community… Read more »

Another great Spring Fair

A huge thank you to our school community and supporters for creating another great Spring fair on the 29th September.  A special thanks to Fabienne, our coordinator, and to the many sponsors who donated goods and services.  Once again the weather caused some concern and resulted in a decision to postpone by one week.  This… Read more »

Presentation on the Isenheim Altarpiece

by Marije Laarakker – van Oosterhout   On Saturday 26 October twelve curious attendants gathered at the Motueka Rudolf Steiner School to be taken on a journey through time, to period  in the late middle ages called the Renaissance. The Kahu room was decorated with books and images of art from different periods in the… Read more »

Mid Winter Dinner

The school celebrated its 11th birthday on 10 August.  The 11th year for children is the golden year so this was our theme for the evening.  The golden year is a time when the forces are in harmony and balance, before the changes and challenges of puberty.  It was an interesting theme and Lokita entertained… Read more »

Lantern making workshop

The Steiner School’s contribution to the Motueka Festival of Light was a lantern making workshop and night walk in the Kiyosato Gardens. Children aged 3-14 years were invited to the public library for a day of lantern making.  Class 5 and 6 students were there to help the younger children.  Meanwhile the paths through the… Read more »

Partnership School bid unsuccessful

We have been advised by the Ministry of Education that our bid to become a Partnership School was unsuccessful.  Naturally we are disappointed, especially given the time and resources that were invested into the application process.  So, we will remain a self funding, independent and fully autonomous school.  Partnership School funding would have been a… Read more »

Introducing Koru Kids

Koru Kids is a part time educational experience for children aged 7 – 13.   The program has been designed and run by parents who have offered their time and unique skills to further educate children in our wider community.  Activities and classes happen at the Motueka Rudolf Steiner School or surrounding area.  The classes and… Read more »

Bio Dynamic Conference

The Motueka Rudolf Steiner School forged closer relations with the NZ Bio Dynamic community at the annual BD conference.  The conference organisers kindly allowed us to have a display about the school, and we gave a 5 minute presentation about our new campus project.  Our common connections with Rudolf Steiner and Anthroposophy were apparent.  We… Read more »

Home schooling survey

HOME EDUCATOR   &  HOME SCHOOLING PARENTS    Motueka Rudolf Steiner School would like to hear from you We are currently in the process of creating new and exciting learning opportunities for 7 – 13 year old children. We have discovered our local community is rich with diverse and interesting people who are willing to share… Read more »