Reading Groups

Anthroposophical Reading Group Nelson

Currently study book: The Karmic Relationship lectures
Contact: Carrie, ph. (03) 548 3528

While we welcome all to our meetings of course, it’s good to have the prior-opportunity to welcome newcomers appropriately and to know a little about them and their interest/knowledge about anthroposophy – and to tell them a little about our group. Also, if we’re in the middle of a book or lecture reading, this gives the opportunity for some pre-reading or they may choose to wait until we begin a new reading.

Anthroposophical Reading Group Motueka

Place: Motueka Rudolf Steiner School
When: Every second Thursday.
Now studying Rudolf Steiner’s first Mystery Play, ‘The Portal of Initiation’.

Next reading Thursday 11th June.

Reading begins at 7.30pm at Motueka Rudolf Steiner school.
Contact: Patsy, ph. (03) 528 8686

Our group is just a small group, now working more intensely with these lectures, not only to give us greater understanding but also to move away
from just sharing a read lecture.
We welcome anyone interested in joining us, whether you are new to Anthroposophy or are more familiar with it.
We are open to include in our studies any area of interested associated with this philosophy.

Thursday Morning Group

Place: Anne Perry’s House, 28B High Street, Motueka.
When: Thursday 9.30 am
Contact: Anne Perry, ph. (03) 528 9978
Topics will be varied and will include:

The Effect of the Teacher on the Old Age of the Child:

“when the child sees in the self-evident authority of a teacher and educator the embodiment of truth, beauty, and goodness, in a certain sense, when it sees the world embodied in the teacher, the effect of this is the awaking of the forces of life.” Rudolf Steiner

Educating Adolescents:

“Young people demand imaginative powers; you must approach them with verve, and with verve of a kind that convinces them. Scepticism is something that you may not bring to them at this age” Rudolf Steiner


We will think about the general question of nutrition and its relation to the spiritual world.

Elemental world/ nature:

At a certain time in summer when man walks in the open and sees the lovely iridescent play of butterfly wings, he does not stop to query the origin of this manifold many-coloured fluttering of butterflies moving so freely.
You see, this is even of great practical significance. In fact, I am convinced that were we to attempt new experiments in the field of aeronautics, here in our Goetheanum precincts, they would not be staged as they are when based on materialistic science. Experiments are continually being made based on the flight of birds, dragon-flies, and so forth, but experimenting along the lines of butterfly flight has never been considered.

 Curative Education:

In some corner of the life of soul of every human being lurks a quality, or tendency, that would commonly be called abnormal. It may be no more than a slight tendency to flights of thought, or an incapacity to place the words at the right intervals in speaking, so that either the words fall over each other or else the listener could go for a walk between them.
Irregularities of this kind — and they are to be found also in the life of will and of feeling — can be noticed, at all events to some slight degree, in the majority of human beings.

A Warm Welcome extended to All.