School community

Celebrating the opening of Kowhai Kindergarten

The health and well-being of our school is supported by a strong and engaged community that connects students, parents and teachers.

Our school was started by a handful of pioneering families who turned their dreams of a Steiner school into reality. We are now a much bigger and diverse community, but that culture of striving and creating is still alive and well. Many teachers and parents visiting from larger schools have commented on the particularly warm and intimate family spirit of our school community – one that works together and plays together to create a strong and healthy foundation for our children’s lifelong learning.

 Celebrating Festivals

Mid winter festival

The celebration of festivals marks the rhythm of the year. Some festivals such as Easter and Advent are celebrated by our teachers and children within the school and kindergarten. Others, like the lantern festival and spring festival, involve the wider community.

Our children eagerly anticipate each festival as Easter eggs are decorated and mid-winter lanterns are crafted with great care. The appropriate songs are learned and sung and the passing seasons and Christian festivals are marked and celebrated.

Pizza making

Our annual Spring Fair is a large and colourful event staged by the school community with help from our support community. Visitors on the day come from far and wide. Older children enjoy many lively games which test their physical skills and courage, while the puppet show or Fairy Queen are favourites for the younger children. There are also many craft activities such as dipping or rolling candles, painting silk and making butterflies. The day provides fun and laughter for all, with plenty of music and good food for the adults.

In March each year we hold an Autumn Fair to celebrate harvest and prepare for the winter ahead.  It too is a large and colourful event with food and Games.  The theme is “St Michael and the dragon.”

During the Motueka mid-winter ‘Festival of Light’ we organise lantern making workshops for young children at two local libraries. In the evening the children and their parents enjoy the magic of a walk through the park past miniature candle lit wintry scenes, with gnomes at work and play.

The Kindergarten Spring Festival has children (and adults) dancing around a decorated maypole surrounded by our beautiful garden in full bloom.

 Our School Attracts a Variety of Visitors


There is a steady flow of interesting visitors to our school. Waldorf teachers from overseas and within New Zealand bring their knowledge and experience to share with our children, teachers, and parents. We have enjoyed eurythmy classes and performances, Bothmer gymnastics, violin concerts and specialist science teachers. An anthroposophical doctor visits, and we have access to a growing number of anthroposophical therapists. There are also evening talks on education, and twice a year education workshops take place when parents and other interested people can experience aspects of Waldorf education for themselves.

Join a Group

Parent Group

The Parent Group represent the school community and support the school with cultural activities and resources.  This group welcomes all parents and caregivers of children involved in the playgroups, kindergarten and school. The Parent Group is the lively and passionate support crew that makes a big impact on school life by organising celebrations, festivals, working bees and maintenance. Recent projects have included the ‘adopt a garden spot’ and adding new playground activities such as the balancing log activity and a slack line. The group meets regularly – come along, newcomers are welcome.

School gathering

Spring Fair/ Autumn Fair Group

This energetic group co-ordinates the annual Fairs, which are held each September and March. With music, food, games, ‘Fairyland’, silent auction, craft stalls and much more, the group enlists stall holders for each area. Incredible teamwork provides a magic day of entertainment, fun and good feeling for our wider community.


Trust Board

Trustees (picture from 2011)

The Motueka Rudolf Steiner Trust Board meets monthly and is responsible for the governance of the school, including staffing, financial and development /vision responsibilities. The board is made up of a Chairperson and 5-7 Trustees.  Board meetings are supported by representatives from the teachers, the kindergartens, the new campus project, the farm, and the Treasurer.

Contact Trust Chairperson, Ellen Appleton,  telephone 03 5288421.



New Campus Group

eco-build (2)

Building the New Campus office

This group is coordinating the project to build a new school campus on our farm. They work on strategy, design, fundraising, planning, consents and construction. The group is co-ordinated by Peter Garlick. Click here for more information.

Contact Peter Garlick, telephone 027 4140360







 Craft Group

Midnight Elves at work

A craft group called ‘The Midnight Elves’ meets weekly on Wednesdays next to the Wallace Street Kindergarten, to make beautifully crafted dolls and other toys from wool, felt, and other natural materials. These toys are sold to raise money for the school, but even more importantly, this morning is a friendly social occasion where parents talk, share their enthusiasm for craft and learn together, passing on skills and knowledge. The craft group is one of the ‘warm heart centres’ of our community. Click here to visit their web page.

Contact Sarah Keogh, telephone 03 5288122.


Landcare Group

The Landcare Group are our farmers, gardeners, landscapers and conservationists.  Their vision is a productive biodynamic farm that supports learning and community.

The Landcare Group help the farm manager plan and manage the farm, undertake projects and organise Farm Days so everyone can join in. With 13.6 hectares there are lots of opportunities and plenty of room for creativity. Anyone from the school community or wider community is welcome to get involved with the group.

The Group meets on the first Wednesday of the month, 7:30 pm, usually at school but sometimes on the farm.

Landcare Group at work








sculpture by RSReading Group

The Anthroposophical reading group meet monthly. Contact Anne Perry, telephone 03 5289978.