Friends of Motueka Steiner

Friends of Motueka Steiner are the amazing group of people who lift us from ordinary to extraordinary.

They are our heroes and our support team.  They support the Motueka Steiner vision by contributing time, money, skills and more.  They organise festivals, community events, workshops and working bees.

They support teachers in the classroom and on the farm.   They contribute to the many groups that support the school. They are active in the Landcare Group that manages the farm.  Friends are also involved in the design and construction of our new farm campus.  They are helping build a unique new school that will serve the community for generations to come.  The farm school vision is becoming a reality because our Friends are making it happen.

Friends receive newsletters, attend special events and festivals, and enjoy produce from the farm.

We abuse the land because we regard it as a commodity belonging to us. When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect.’ – Aldo Leopold

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Meet some Friends

Anne Perry

From Pioneer Family roots to Anthroposophist, I am proud to support the Motueka Rudolf Steiner School.  Modern life and its’ demands requires a balance. I love that here at least a fortunate group of children can grow within a unique environment where their individuality can blossom and develop both peacefully and with the dignity of their humanness fully honoured. Although the School is small yet…it represents a very wide Waldorf School movement that is already established throughout the world and is growing very fast. Wholesome education produces good citizens able to think for themselves and make sound moral judgements. There is documented evidence that Waldorf School children shine …especially socially…as adults.

I have enormous admiration for the dedicated band of teachers and their warm and equally dedicated Community of Parents. I am fully commited to all of them. It is a great joy to take an interest in the children and watch their progress….[ like a proud unofficial Grandmother!..] I commend the Motueka Rudolf Steiner School with my whole heart and hope the reader of this can align with the spirit of what is manifesting in our midst. A visit to the School will soon give one a feeling for this.  My Best Wishes.  Anne Perry.

Marcel Creyghton  (25 May 1941 – 15 April 2018)

We farewell a Friend of Motueka Steiner and a benefactor to the new campus project. Marcel was a bit of a paradox. He advocated a simple lifestyle, but was himself a complex man. He was always busy but never hurried. He was often stubborn, but always open minded.

Reflection and introspection were his great pastimes in a world that feels safest with noise. He was a student of nature and endeavoured to tread lightly on the planet, qualities he wished to share with future generations by supporting the Motueka Steiner farm school project.

To finish here is a thought from Marcel’s journal, in which he pondered nature, spirituality and science, and offered the universe a cup of tea. ‘Improve the world no matter how little’.

Konstanca Palzer

I am a founding parent of the Motueka Rudolf Steiner School.  As a school parent, and now as a supporter, I am grateful for the education towards ‘free human beings’, the dedication of our teachers, the warmth of our community and the opportunity to experience a different social structure to the one our western society usually propagates.

The community around our playgroups, our kindergartens and our school provides the opportunity to support each other, not just socially but also financially, in a way that is not often found in our society.  As no-one could be without the other – the financially better off families as well as the not so well off families – the whole community is pulling together to make sure the school can strive and grow.  Each group of families needs the other in order to have a caring, diverse and beautiful school!

I have remained a supporter of the school because of the community activities, the opportunity to live and experience the change we would love to see in the wider world, and the rewards of combined effort.  Observing the children’s social development fostered by the education as well as by the way the community around them functions and operates gives me hope and joy!  I see our school community as an invaluable contribution towards change in the world: more consciousness, more empathy, more understanding for the fact that we all need each other, and more peace.

Students moving on from our school are ambassadors for Steiner Education as well as for a social structure that focuses on human qualities. I would like to invite people who are searching for a way to change the world, to join us and support us! It is a worthwhile and rewarding effort that makes the world a better place.

Joan Howarth ( 6 August 1926 to 26 June 2018)

Farewell to a long-time supporter. Joan passed away in June 2018 after a short stay in the Jack Inglis hospital.

Joan was Jean Howarth’s mother and was a long-time supporter and benefactor of the kindergarten and school. We honour this woman, who quietly gave her support to the Motueka Steiner community, behind the scenes, for over thirty years.

We planted a “thank you” tree on the farm for Joan in 2016. We acknowledge her blessed release into the spiritual world but will miss her greatly.



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