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Join the team that supports Waldorf education in Motueka, and is building a new farm based school.  We have a school, a school community, we have a farm and soon we will have planning permission to build a new school on the farm.  We are now seeking the money and resources to start construction.  There are many ways to help and support us.

You can help by donating or lending money to us and by sharing our information.   Every supporter becomes a member of our support community.  Membership means you are part of a community that is making a better world through better education.  Our supporter community is a global community who share our vision.  Member benefits are explained below.


Soon we will be in a position to start building.  Some of the work can be done by volunteers and the school community but many materials and services will need to be purchased.  Donations can go toward the total amount needed for the next stage, or for a specific item.  Donate now


Our cash fund is a combination of local fundraising, donations and loans.  Lending money toward this project allows you to help us, become a member, and then get repaid once we are established.  Read more details.


Our cash fund is a priority but there are many other ways you can be part of this project.  People power is essential, we need ideas, practical skills and helpers.  We have started with a dream and a vision but that needs encouragement and support so it can grow.  We welcome all support, from small acts of kindness to major partnerships.  See our list of suggestions below.

Join Friends of Farm School

Join the project to create a biodynamic farm-based Waldorf school in the Nelson-Tasman District.  As a Friend you will receive updates and invitations to festivals and events. Join Friends now.

 Support Us

Supporters help us in so many ways.  Find a way that works for you.

  1. Sign up to receive our e-News and share them with friends.
  2. Do you have skills that we will need. For example; architecture, building, legal, financial, marketing, publishing or landscaping. Do what you love doing and be part of the team. Email us now with your offer.
  3. Come to New Zealand for a working holiday. Once building gets started we will call for a volunteer work force. We will make sure you also get time to enjoy our lovely summer weather and visit the local national parks. Sign up to our newsletter so you will receive notification.
  4. Recommend our website to your friends. Forward this link to friends in your address book.
  5. Like us on social media.
  6. Invite us to give a presentation to your group or work place.
  7. Consider naming us in your will and leave a legacy that will help children and families forever.
  8. Join the Midnight Elves doll making group.
  9. Hold fundraising events for us, or help at one of our regular events.
  10. Donate to our scholarship fund so we can keep our policy of accepting all children regardless of ability to pay.