The School

The School

We are a community owned Steiner school, offering classes K-7.  Governance is provided by trustees elected from the school community.  We are co-educational, non-denominational and welcome all families who are willing to engage with our curriculum and methods.  Learn about Steiner education here.

Our Playgroup and Kindergarten are located on Wallace Street, Motueka. Click here for more information. Our Primary School is located on High Street Motueka, read more below.

Lower School building and grounds

School Mission

To provide contemporary Steiner education supported by a deep connection to the natural world. Our school enables students to become clear and creative in their thinking, responsible and balanced in their feelings, practical in their will, with a purpose and direction in their life. We embrace and reflect the unique context of the Tasman District, Aotearoa New Zealand, and the New Zealand Curriculum.

Our School Curriculum

Classroom GamesThe curriculum in a Rudolf Steiner School is based on the development needs of the child. It works to educate head, heart and hands and includes a balance of academic, artistic and practical work.Each day at school begins with the fluid activity of the Morning Circle.  During this time the children practice activities that work with movement, balance, rhythm, speech and song.

This is followed by the Main Lesson, a period of thematic work that takes place each morning over a period of three or four weeks.  The theme of these lessons follows indications given by Rudolf Steiner, and is truly child centered in that it works with the natural capacities of the child at each age.

Class outing to vineyardThe study of geography, for example, begins at age 9 with the child’s immediate physical environment.   This is followed by the history and geography of the local area, then of New Zealand, and finally, at age 12, of Oceania, the Pacific and beyond.  This process of starting from what is close and familiar before expanding into wider or more abstract areas is also followed in other subjects, such as science.  Science learning in Class One centers on reverent observation of the natural world, then progresses to the beginnings of Chemistry and Physics by Class Seven.

Click here to view our latest ERO report.

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